Scope of Services
CareGuardian, Inc. (“CareGuardian”) is an independently owned, for-profit licensed home care services agency approved by the NY State Department of Health to provide home care services in the five boroughs of New York City – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island.

CareGuardian provides Home Health Aide and Personal Care services. We participate in Medicaid managed care plans; a list of those plans is available on request. Care, treatment and services are provided to patients by CareGuardian without regard to age, race, religion, sex, national origin or disability. CareGuardian provides services in both English and Spanish.

CareGuardian is committed to providing a level of quality care that encourages the safe and cost-effective delivery of home health services. Our focus is to maximize patient autonomy and the coordination of community and CareGuardian resources, to decrease illness burden and unnecessary duplication of services, thereby promoting positive patient outcomes.

As an organization, CareGuardian maintains accountability for the quality of care, treatment and services it provides through ongoing monitoring and evaluation of its performance and outcomes and through its quality improvement program.

Mission Statement
Empower our employees to deliver a better caregiving experience that keeps our clients happier and healthier.

CareGuardian is committed to collaboration with medical and clinical professionals inthe evaluation of patient care needs with the aim of providing holistic care based on the following principles:

1. Home health care is grounded in respect for human dignity and worth, upholding the principles of Informed Consent;

2. Recognition of the value of home health care as integral to the broader health care delivery system, the aim of which is optimal health for the individual and family;

3. Provision of excellent, comprehensive, accessible home health care services which are adaptable to individual and family needs, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or marital status;

4. The individual’s right to be informed of the services available to him/her and to participate in the planning of his/her care.

Goals and Objectives:

CareGuardian is aware that patient safety is a paramount concern and will give this a top priority at all times.

1. To promote and supervise the health and wellness of patients who come under the care and supervision of CareGuardian;

2. To provide community care and support services to acutely, chronically, and terminally ill clients and their families;

3. To decrease dependency on institutional care and reduce acute care costs through early hospital discharge.